As a creative person with an entrepreneurial background, I always have a few projects going on. The following is a list of current active projects.

Jazz Performance & Instruction

Danny is actively performing and teaching music to individual students and groups including; piano, jazz piano, and improvisation for non-piano students.

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Bebop by the Numbers

“Bebop by the Numbers,” is a method for both learning how to improvise on any instrument, as well as teaching students how to improvise. It starts super simple and takes you through 14 additive concepts to developing Bebop ideas and placing them in your music. From total beginner to reading chord changes and playing diminished goodness that make your listeners say, “yeah.”

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Symptomatic Game

Symptomatic is a party game project in development by the Kolke family and Kolke Media, featuring artwork and gameplay design from Leslie Kolke.

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Boxley’s Studios

Boxleys Studios is available for recording sessions of both high quality video and audio for small ensembles, big bands, and recitals.

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Boxley’s Jazz Club

Boxley’s Jazz Club started in 2009 in downtown North Bend Washington and is currently operated in partnership with Kolke Media and JazzClubsNW. Kolke Media provides all the equipment for performances and livestreams.

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JazzClubsNW is a non profit 501c(3) organization committed to supporting live jazz performance and education. JazzClubsNW creates opportunities for professionals and students throughout the Pacific Northwest. Membership starts as low as $15/month, and is free for students. Join our growing community and keep this music thriving in our region.

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