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Doing Something Else

I am amazed at how much can be accomplished by following the principle “do something else.” And how often nothing gets done because I don’t follow that principle. I must admit that I am still trying to get comfortable with doing less. I fear that I am not succeeding. This month has been yet another…

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The Danny Kolke Trio Swings Standards, Spirituals And Blues In Concert At SAM On Jazz Northwest

By JIM WILKE • JAN 18, 2015

Danny’s Trio on the radio: 1/18/2015 (Now KNKX!)


Note that many things said here I did not say first, but I enjoy saying them anyways. After all, all these words have been used before, potentially even in the same order.

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Manguage [ mang-gwij ] – noun, – a mashup language, a body of words put together to enable more efficient, if not humorous communication, for their use common to a people who are of the same community, or the same cultural tradition: in speech or in writing.

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