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From my Old Twitter Account: 04/26/2009 Sayings: some things are worth saying again. Note that many things said here I did not say first, but I enjoy saying them anyways. Afterall, all these words have been used before, potentially even in the same order. -------------------------------------------- I would rather have nothing that I want, than everything … Continue reading Sayings Archives

It’s Still A Stupid Idea

Let's call it what it is, "stupid".  Mass adoption of a stupid idea does not in anyway alter the intellectual value of that idea.  It's still stupid. For me when confronted by a populist idea - I remember an anonymous quote I heard years ago; "if 250 million people have a bad idea... it's still … Continue reading It’s Still A Stupid Idea

Thought Injection and Thought Security

Accepting the thoughts of others without validation is foolishness.  The more thoughts that you accept, the more momentum you create in those thoughts and the more vulnerable you become to the influence of others.   Surrendering your thoughts without conscientious deliberation is like surrendering your possessions.  No, it's more significant than that.  It's like surrendering … Continue reading Thought Injection and Thought Security