Whether you believe in God as I do, or you believe that a series of random unplanned sequence of events (probably trillions of them) in which you have somehow survived and which has lead to your very existence – either way, be thankful for this day.  If nothing else is true, the very fact that you exist, it is a miracle – and be thankful for it.

I recently have noticed an abundance of miracles happening every day in my life.  The tougher the circumstance, the more amazing the miracle.  It’s building in my life more acceptance over the challenges and confidence in knowing that things will work out.

For example, I have noticed in my life a team of individuals working together to work miracles.  Not any one of them doing anything extraordinary but when combined as a group; they seem to accomplish miracles and they seem to move mountains.  The more practical a solution, the more basic and simple the solution; a bigger miracle it seems when combined as a group.  

I have noticed the confidence that comes from the courage to make a list and get it done.  To hold your attention on that list as a group, and get it done.  It’s an absolute miracle.

It’s a miracle to think that something as simple as writing down a list and getting that list done builds confidence.  It builds teams.  It builds families.  There seems to be nothing as powerful as this.  

There comes a certain point in seemingly every journey to where the logic ends and I can’t explain it anymore.  At the end of that road is where faith strengthens or weakens.  For those that believe in miracles, they seem to happen.  For those that don’t… I don’t know what to say.

In my prayers I have come to realize that things work out.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  But they always do work out. Sometimes I understand a deeper meaning, sometimes I don’t; but regardless of what I understand… things work out.

I’m not saying that all bad is good or anything like that.  Bad is bad, and if you know me personally; you know that I am not an optimist.  I know bad things happen to good people, it’s foolish to think otherwise.  In fact I have been know to say, “don’t worry, it can always get worse,” and not only do I believe that – I have seen that.  

What I have come to learn as if things are really bad, nothing helps more than making a list and starting to get things done on that list.

I count it another miracle.  I pray that you do too.