What you fix your attention on accumulates.  What you apply pressure to either strengthens or weakens.  In this way good thoughts become great ideas and bad thoughts become potentially destructive.  What you fix your attention on will grow in strength.

The freedom to think, lead to the freedom to speak, the freedom to speak lead to the freedom to live.  Good choices come from good thoughts.  Articulation of good thoughts lead to the accumulation of freedom.  Thinking leads to goals, to action, the expression of passion.

Thinking leads to books, to music, to buildings, to invention.  Thinking leads to love.  Thinking also leads to power both good and bad.  Thinking leads to theft, oppression and abuse. Thinking can lead to sin, to hate, to violence, to abandonment – to separation.

If thinking about an idea serves to get an idea started, repetition of a thought can lead to initiative.  Maturing a thought from a flash of inspiration to a well articulated thought creates momentum and purpose.  Purpose with the expectation that the thought can be realized has been the beginning of many good things.

Thoughts affixed to paper have a different resonance than thoughts that are spoken.  If I speak a thought – does it carry more emphasis?  How does it affect my thought’s value?  Does it increase its power?  When sharing thoughts – repetition can be affirming or detracting to relationships; in business, in social settings, or in love and family.  

How many times have you had a good idea only to lose it?  Perhaps a good idea starts but you can’t seem to manifest it into reality?  It’s true for most all who think to begin with – and I’m sure all of us think.  Most potentially good thoughts are not nurtured at all, and therefore suffer loss.  Even though those thoughts with which we occasionally dwell usually return good and often surprise us.  You may have said to yourself, “…you know I was thinking about that”.

If fixed attention strengthens or weakens, distraction must have the opposite affect on thoughts. If one is accumulating momentum of thought towards a positive outcome – thought transforming into power – interruption or distraction can take away from that power.  If distraction is desired to escape thought – then this is only valuable if thoughts are destructive.  Confronting negative thoughts with transactions of positive ones is a better means of coping than escape.  Escape more often leads to self destruction and the defeat of noble ideas and liberty.

Whom do I love and in what way can my thoughts honor them or hurt them?  These thoughts are essential to control of good over bad.  Thoughts can be given away or sold.  Thoughts lead to conversation.  Conversation to transactions.

My job is to think, to organize those thoughts, to share those thoughts. What I think about – who I think about and what I am supposed to think about is relative to my job.  Thoughts become ideas, to which I share.  Other peoples thoughts I am meant to receive, assign value and accept or reject.  To those I serve, it’s important to value their ideas well.

Balancing whom I serve and how my thoughts support them keeps my thoughts focused on how best to serve them.  Returning to thoughts and continuing the work they begin is the foundation of power. When distracted, its essential to return the focus to those thoughts until the value of the thought is realized.

The will to do something comes from persistent thought.  A powerfully constructed thought articulated to others, leads to powerful relations in business and in life.  Thoughts grow their maker in strength, character and in power.

If you are to do something well, fix your attention upon that thought.  Pick a thought, repeat it and nurture it.  Focus and protect it.  Avoid distraction until the thought is articulated.  Then return to that thought and it’s articulation.  Share it, nurture it, and action will begin.

Remember that thinking makes it so.  What you fix your attention on will accumulate.