I think the hardest words you’ll ever write are for someone that you love, especially if that someone loves you. 

No matter how many words I choose, or the rhythm or the pattern, it never seems adequate. Sometimes “less is more” as they say, but less just doesn’t seem like enough. I need more words. More words that will somehow express what I feel.

If someone loves you for who you are without condition, no matter what you’ve done or what you do? How amazing is that? It seems impossible, right? Maybe the best thing to say is “I love you” and then do something nice for them.

Love them back without condition. 

How about loving them back without condition? Granted, today is Valentine’s Day, and we often think of romance and relationships. But this is true of all friendships, unconditionally loving your friends.

If you have a friend that is so good to you to the point that you feel like you don’t deserve them as a friend, how amazing is that. Be the same for them. Pass that on to someone else. Be a friend without condition to someone else. 

The quality of my friends inspires me to want to be a better friend. 

Where to start? Listening. 

I have learned that in new friendships, I need to start by listening. And if they don’t trust me enough to share, I have to be willing to be authentic with them. Often I have to look for common ground, and common things that we care about. 

Carbon Copies are Not the same thing as friends

If someone shares all your ideology, and there is nothing you disagree on ever, well I am not sure that’s a fair approach to finding friends. You probably will end up with very few of them in the end. I am just the opposite. I’m not sure I can name a single person I agree with on everything. I doubt there is anyone. 

I have no doubt that I can find things I can disagree with with everyone I know. But I have learned that it’s best to let that stuff go. It’s not worth losing my friends over. Sometimes I feel compelled to try to explain my ideas, but often I need to listen to them first. Why would they listen to me?  

Trust comes over time, there is no short cut. 

It takes time to build trust and friendships so start building today. And if you have a little thing getting in a friendships way, set that aside and make amends. Remember to love your friends unconditionally. You’ll feel better that you did. There is nothing better that you can be, that to be a friend to someone else. 

There is nothing better that you can be, that to be a friend to someone else. 

Happy Valentines Day!

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