Are you too busy to be a friend?  

“If I have not time for friendship, I am not a friend.” 

We are too busy these days, aren’t we? It seems like there’s no shortage of things that need to be done. And my list always grows. And the one consistent regret that I have if any is not enough time spent with friends.

How about you?

I have friends who are close and distant, but it’s still been too long since we’ve sat down and chatted. I can’t remember the last time. I do regret that, and it’s something I’d like to change. I’d like to trade something for more time to spend with friends. I think I would be willing to make less money this year than last year. Afterall, some of my efforts to make more money failed anyways. Why not take some of that time and invest it in friends? Yeah, I think I will do that.

For my friends who are far away, it’s not like I can’t just pick up the phone and call them. What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I call more often?. Do you know what I’m going to call Bob right now. Back in a few minutes…

It’s amazing to me how good it feels to hear the voice of an old friend. It feels so comforting.

So why don’t I call more often? What’s the excuse? I don’t have one. Usually I’m just busy doing one thing at a time, and I have a habit of doing another thing, and another thing, and another thing. Before I realize it, time is spent, and it’s too late to call. Then the next time I think of them, it’s too early to call. None of these excuses are really good, but they are excuses and that’s all it takes.

I think I’m going to make a resolution. When I think of someone, I’ll make every effort to reach out. I think that sounds pretty good. It’s pretty simple too.

I can always do “the thing” later. I can always procrastinate on my to-do list, and talk to my friends first. It’s not like I have to make the phone, and it’s not like it’s going to cost me money to call them. This isn’t like the old days when we used to have to pay per minute for long-distance charges. There’s no reason not to call, none.

I don’t know what to say, it’s been too long. What will they think?

Yeah, good question. They haven’t called me and I haven’t called them. Are they going to be suspicious and think I want something? Or maybe they’re gonna be upset that I haven’t called them before? Probably not. Probably they are just going to be glad to hear your voice, and catch up. 

Again, it’s just another excuse not to call. You should call them and do today. 

Don’t be too busy to be a friend.

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